Meadow View Christian Preschool

A part-time program for children 3-5 years old, licensed through ODJFS.

Meadow View Christian Preschool exists to encourage and assist parents in nurturing their child's relationship with the Lord as they are learning and developing through their preschool years.
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Partnering with Parents since 2006

We believe, that as a part of God's plan, parents are ultimately responsible for both the education and development of their children (Deut. 6:6-9, Ephes. 6:4). Our purpose is to provide parents with the support needed to aide them in guiding their child intellectually, socially, and spiritually into becoming the person God made them to be. By modeling Christ's love, instilling biblical truths, and challenging each child to learn and explore in age appropriate and fun ways, we will lay a strong foundation on which a responsible, productive and maturing Christian person can be established.

At our preschool, we set up the environment in a way to promote learning through play. The children are given opportunities to explore materials and expand topics through their play. The teachers plan for a variety of learning experiences as well as intentionally setting up the environment to help build on the skills that the children are currently working on. The teachers refer to the Ohio Early Learning and Development Standards to guide their planning and to know what the children should be working on during their preschool years.


"Meadow View Christian Preschool was the perfect place for both of our girls’ early learning experience to begin! Meadow View provided a safe environment for our girls to explore, to be curious, and to have fun. They were actively engaged in learning, both academic skills but also social skills. The teachers and director worked hard to plan lessons, activities, and events that nurtured all aspects of young students. The teachers and director became like family to us all. The communication between school and home was superb! Not only did our girls receive an amazing early education experience at Meadow View Christian Preschool, they also were immersed in Christian values, something that was very important to us. For any parent who is looking for an amazing early education that provides a strong Christian foundation for his/her preschool-aged child, Meadow View is an excellent choice!"

- Brooke & Nick Ripple
"I LOVE Meadow view Christian Preschool! The staff is so warm and welcoming. They eased my shy, timid child into a new atmosphere with grace and ease. Once my oldest settled into his new environment, his learning took off! He really thrived in the play-based learning curriculum and it was a pleasure to watch his social skills come to life. Now that he is in elementary, he is a model student, at the top of his class, and has recently been named student of the month.
Little sister followed shortly behind but is the social butterfly of the family. The staff was wonderful at teaching her the proper social skills and self discipline needed in kindergarten but still allowing her to be her spunky self. She too has flourished in elementary and is having the same results as big brother. I can not thank Meadow View Christian preschool enough for being there in their formative years and with their help in shaping them into the little leaders they are today."

- Kim Wilson
"We have sent 4 children to Meadow View preschool and absolutely love it! We appreciated the learning through play approach and our kids 8-10 years later still have fond memories of the preschool!"

- Jason & Anne Watson