“The greatest among you will be your servant.”   Matthew 23:11

THANK YOU to those that devote their time and talents to help our Church Family GROW! Without THOSE servants helping, NONE of this would run as AMAZING as it does!!

These are the 'GREATEST' among us!

These servants are the fuel behind our services! They devote their time to making sure we can have an amazing service BOTH in the Church, and online.

We would love to see you among our 'GREATEST'

If you are looking to become one of the "GREATEST' among us we would love to talk. We have many areas that could use amazing people like yourself to engage with our Church family, local community and our online community.

Where do YOU fit in?

If you already know where you want to serve or have already served and you are ready to come back for more please let us know where you would like to serve or already have served on the form below.

Not sure which area fits you best?

Fill out the form below with just a few details. We will have the appropriate person contact you and get a little more information.

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